Technology / Startup


As a startup working to to launch into government and muncipal markets, Hubworx helped Silbo understand the markets to properly position its B2B tools, help automate Referee bookings and billings and develop the market strategy, marketing and sales approach, customer analysis and savings ROI positiioning.

Technology / Growth


From startup inception through growth stage Hubworx helped VanMile launch its business into multiple markets over its first 12 months.  Hubworx helped design a scalable business approach to attracting customers while building its B2C and B2B business channels to exceed seven figures in revenue over this period.

Medical / Enterprise


Athletes and soldiers have high risk of head injury.  Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) =
$20 Billion per year in medical costs.  Hubworx worked with MVTrak to identify its target markets while helping build and scale its go to market stragties to help protect  these athletes and soliders affected by TBI.